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Broaden your knowledge

Broaden your knowledge


I know that the holidays are usually a time for catching up with all your home-town friends, sleeping till 2pm and being a slob while your parents fuss over you, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous to try out a new skill this holiday I would strongly suggest you look into taking a MOOC.A what?! MOOCS are Massive Online Open Courses and there are so many options to choose from online!

MOOC’s offers unlimited options of online courses, most of which are free and require only a registration and access to the internet at all times. With options ranging from languages and computer literacy to leadership courses and web design courses if you’ve always wanted to have a certain skill to add to your CV, this would be the place to get it!

Although MOOCs are not registered degree’s (so I wouldn’t recommend you drop Rhodes and furiously pursue your dream as a game designer) it offers millions of options to developing your skills either in your field, or in things that you are merely interested in. The courses are often self- paced and require you to merely complete a module in a certain amount of time. Most of the ‘lectures’ are hosted through Youtube- we’re talking learning without even leaving your seat, what could be more appealing?!

If this interests you- check the MOOCs website:


By Shirley Erasmus