Campus Life

BLA in action



The BLA (Black Lawyers Association) hosted a very successful cake sale this afternoon as they sought to tickle the taste buds of students in order for them to take their wallets and contribute to a financial kitty that seeks to help the less privileged.

The BLA congregated outside the kraal and went about bedazzling the NMMU South Campus population with delicacies that were sure to get us all salivating. I even bought a cake or two; problem is- my wallet is now admonishing me for that decision, stomach is happy though.

The BLA has really reinvented itself this year and become a more relevant tenant of the law faculty. I find the fact they are giving back to the community and educating pupils and student a like about the history of organisation and the role it has to play in our democratic dispensation is really something to behold.

If you missed the cake sale-ASKIES. But don’t not fear, the success of this cake sale seems to suggest that their will in fact be many more to come. In the meantime, give your taste buds a chill pill.


By Mabaso Majiza