Campus Life

Anti-Rhino Poaching Talk

Written by Karl Kemp

Damien Mander is the founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), and he’ll be
in Stellenbosch tomorrow to talk about poaching, its complexities and the issues facing those that
want to make a change. It’s sure to be a loaded discussion, and happily, it’s an informal event –
which means bring your own drinks, and be prepared to engage and not just be lectured too. The
organisers of the event have handily provided the following link of one of Mander’s TED talks to brief
you should you feel your knowledge is lacking:

The address is 89 Dorp Street, and you’re encouraged to arrive at 17:30. Proceedings start at 18:00.
If this is anything at all up your alley, you won’t want to miss it.