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4 Décor ideas for student apartments



Having trouble decorating your apartment on a student budget? Check out these tips on how to keep things beautiful yet affordable.

Being a student, I know the painstaking challenge in decorating an apartment or dorm room. Finding affordable yet nice looking items is hard, but it is doable.

Have a transformer (sleeper) couch

In a student bachelor apartment, it is challenging to make use of and optimise as much space as possible. With a sleeper couch, you can save on space and money, as there will be no need in getting an extra piece of furniture. As long as the couch is comfortable, you can sleep away!

Personalise your walls

Brighten up those dreary walls by using disposable hooks to place your memories on your walls. Use your pictures to make your living space personal and save on wallpaper. Your pictures will make the space more your own and will be a good conversation-starter at your housewarming party.

Tour second-hand shops

Second-hand furniture shops are filled with eclectic and retro pieces. The furniture at these shops is also much more affordable than new furniture. You can buy vintage pieces that show off your decorating skills without breaking the bank.

Get reversible sleeping accessories

Reversible duvets and comforters save you the time and money in repeatedly changing your sleep accessories. Also, if chosen well, these items can be trendy and fun!


Published on Women24 and the Weekend Witness