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Elvis Blue with Dinner and Show @ Die Blou Hond



One simply has to listen to the hauntingly beautiful Things My Father Said or Lighthouse or Save Me, or any of his original compositions for that matter, to realise that you are in the company of greatness. The gifted musician’s journey started when he was a young boy, singing in school choirs, and busking in the streets of Joburg and Scotland. His one and only goal was to make and perform music. After a stint overseas as a street musician, Elvis returned to South Africa where he decided to study contemporary music. Elvis’ success is due to years of hard work, passion and commitment, and even though the path has been long and sometimes never ending, the real journey has only begun now.


Venue: Die Blou Hond @ Casa Toscana Lodge

Dates: 04/09/2014 to 04/09/2014

Times: 18:00

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