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Generations stars speak out



The fired cast of Generations spoke for the first time about their grievances and position in the on going moral and legal battle with the SABC and MMSV. The actors who collectively call themselves Generations Actors Guild , together with their lawyer  held a briefing at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg to discuss their salaries and working conditions.These are some of the statements made by the cast members;



Sophie Ndaba ( Queen Moroka)


queen moroka

“You can crush somebody when they have done something bad but you must also commend them when they have done something good. We are not here to crush, we are here to share facts. You can’t give someone 0 and 2 percent and someone else 20 percent.”


“What we are doing is not designed to destroy Mfundi Vundla. I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for him. Everything has been done with a sense of respect but what is wrong is wrong and what’s right is right.”

The actress said that the Guild were not trying to “sabotage something they loved so much”, nor were they out to get the show’s creator Mfundi Vundla.

“Vundla made Queen. He made me. I respect him, but even a child sometimes corrects her father.”


Nambitha Mpumlwana


Nambitha Mpumlwana who plays Mawande on the show expressed that revealing their salaries to the public was a violation of their privacy.

” Is there anyone here who would like for their salary to be exposed so publicly?”

”Twenty five per cent of our salary goes to tax. Fifteen percent of that gross goes to agents. R55 000 then becomes about R30-odd thousand.”

“That R55 000 for Sophie Ndaba who has worked on a production for 21 years is pittance.”


Menzi Ngubane



Ngubane, known to fans as Sibusiso Dlomo finally addressed Mfundi Vundla’s claims to the media that on one occasion he had to cover medical bills at a private clinic for an actor with a brain clot. Ngubane revealed that Vundla was in fact referring to him and was not entirely honest about the matter.


“It was a Thursday when I got discharged from Helen Joseph and I got a call sheet on Friday (as weak as I was after spending seven weeks in hospital) to say that I was working on Monday. It did not mean anything. The important thing for them was for me to get back to work.

“I woke up on that Monday and went to work. I had to be given a chair to sit whenever we went on standby during the shooting because I was still recovering. In my condition, I still did six to ten scenes a day, ”



Winnie Ntshaba (Khethiwe Buthelezi)



“A child I worked with died and nobody seemed to care. I had to ask to go to the funeral because we were not allowed to go. That child who played Mpilo started working with me when she was just few months old.


I went to the funeral but only stayed for the church service because I was expected to come back to work. I got to work and was expected to bond with a new baby”


Slindile Nodangala ( Ruby Dikobe)


“The problem that the SABC has right now is that, if they change the contracts for us, they will have to change them for every actor working for an SABC show”


Article and image source:PhilMpelaBlog