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10 Things You May Not Know About The Beatles

(image via BuzzFeed)

1. Before joining The Beatles, John Lennon was in a band called The Quarry Men.

2. The name of ‘The Beatles’ came about when Stuart Sutcliffe, a friend and the original bass player for the band, suggested the name.

3. In April 1964 The Beatles broke into the American market and had the top five places in the American singles chart with “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Twist and Shout”, “She Loves You”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, and “Please Please Me”.

4.  The song “Strawberry Fields Forever” took 55 hours to record.

5. George Harrison and John Lennon’s first exposure to LSD came when they were unknowingly given the drug by their dentist.

6. For the cover of the Sgt. Pepper album cover, Lennon had wanted to include Adolf Hitler’s face but was overruled.

7. During the recording of All You Need Is Love”, Harrison played a violin for the first time ever.

8. When Paul McCartney was injured in a moped accident in 1966, he grew a beard to hide the cut on his lip.

9. The original title for ‘Hey Jude’ was ‘Hey Jules’, directed at Lennon’s 5-year-old son Julian.

10. The BBC once banned the song “I Am the Walrus” because it contained the word ‘knickers’.

(source: BuzzFeed)